Apudoma is a tumor that develops mainly from hormone-producing cells of the endocrine glands. There are different types of such neoplasms: glucagonoma, gastrinoma, VIPoma, neurotensinoma.

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Apudoma is a neuroendocrine tumor structure, the origin of which occurred in APUD cells that perform a hormone-secreting function. Neoplasm can be both benign and malignant. Apudomas are rare in clinical practice and can be localized not only in the pancreas, but also in any organs that function as endocrine glands.

Features of the development of atenolol in the pancreas, thyroid gland and gastrointestinal tract.

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Neuroendocrine tumors are divided into 2 groups: orthoendocrine (producing hormones corresponding to the organ in which they develop) and paraendocrine (producing biologically active substances uncharacteristic of their localization). Most often in oncological practice, pancreatic apudoma is diagnosed. In the endocrine islet cell structures of this digestive organ, biologically active substances such as insulin, pancreastatin, polypeptides, somatostatin, glucagon are produced, so patients with pancreatic apudoma experience pronounced negative signs of their excess in the body.

In addition to pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms, a person can develop: Abnormal structures of the central and peripheral nervous system (pituitary gland, adrenal medulla, hypothalamus, and so on). Apudoma of the thyroid gland. Tumor of neuroectodermal C-cells, which are part of Tenormin glands. Neuroendocrine tumor structures of the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms and treatment of apudoma in the pancreas, thyroid gland and gastrointestinal tract. Significantly less often, the formation of NETs occurs in the mucous membranes of the urinary and respiratory tract, as well as in the skin. The development of apudoma of any organ is directly related to the appearance of hormonal imbalance in the human blood.

It has been scientifically proven that a large percentage of abnormal cells have specific receptors, which, with active hormonal stimulation, begin uncontrolled division, forming large quantities of similar mutated cell structures with a certain degree of malignancy.

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Nowadays, there are descriptions of Atenolol pills types of neuroendocrine tumors. These include vipomas that produce vasoactive intestinal peptide, gastrinomas that produce the digestive hormone gastrin, glucagonomas that produce glucagon, PPomas that form pancreatic polypeptide, and somatostatinomas that secrete somastine.

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Any neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas can be classified according to the level of malignancy to one of three morphological and histological groups: Borderline, which are currently benign, but capable of starting the process of malignancy under the influence of certain negative factors.


These include rare types of NET, insulinoma, vipoma, gastrinoma, with a degree of malignancy not exceeding 10% and not prone to germination in the surrounding tissue structures and vessel walls. Apudoma of the gastrointestinal tract, which has a low, from 10 to 50%, degree of malignancy.

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In addition to the hereditary element that provokes the occurrence of NET, apudoma can begin to develop due to a mutation of Tenormin pills cells of the pancreas, provoked by the following risk factors: disturbance in the digestive organs of blood exchange processes; prolonged exposure to infectious, bacterial or viral agents; the appearance of mechanical, chemical or thermal damage; exposure to radiation.

Due to the fact that primary embryonic (germ) cells are directly involved in the formation of the diffuse neuroendocrine system, endocrine, extremely rare pancreatic cancer, is a hereditary form of the pathological condition.

The prerequisites under the influence of which oncology develops in the human body remain unknown to science so far. The only thing that scientists can say with certainty about the causative factors of NET is its genetic component.

Worth knowing! The planning of diagnostic measures and the preparation of Tenormin protocol in each specific case of detection of a certain type of NET are approached individually, since any type of endocrine tumor process is considered potentially malignant. Causes of apudoma.

Depending on atenolol to produce biologically active substances in one quantity or another, endocrine tumors are divided into 4 varieties: hormonally active,should produce hormones after the onset of the process of malignancy; hormonally inactive; non-functioning producing a hormonal component, but not accompanied by specific symptoms; functioning.

This group includes endocrine pancreatic cancers somatostatinoma and glucagonoma. Poorly differentiated carcinomas, with a high degree of malignancy exceeding 50%, are endogenous carcinoids.


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